5 Reasons Why Jiu Jitsu is the Perfect Complement to School Sports

1.Self Defense
This is the number one reason why most parents bring their kids to RABJJ Academy. Boys and girls can learn fun and exciting self-defense in a safe, family environment while also learning to effectively counteract the influence of bullies and troublemakers at school. Kids get a regular dose of safe exercise while learning the valuable ethical principles and practical life lessons that define the Martial arts philosophy and lifestyle.
2.Never-Ending Season
Many team sports, especially those primarily played outdoors, or in specific weather (think Soccer, Baseball and even wrestling) are seasonal. The great news is that “Jiu Jitsu classes are all year round!” This consistency and availability helps build upon discipline, and allows children to progress at a much quicker pace and to a much higher level in the Martial Arts than in Team Sports.
3.No one sits on the bench
At the RABJJ Academy, our mats are packed while the benches are empty, all kids get equal ‘playing time’. There are many lessons to be learned from team and individual varsity sports, but the ‘make the team’ model often favors the more physically developed players while alienating the late bloomers.
Naturally some kids develop their skills and physical abilities earlier than others but we personally find that many kids who start out with underdeveloped athletic attributes such as strength, speed and size, end up blooming onto some of the finest technicians we have in all of our programs.
If you want your child’s full potential to be nurtured through years of disciplined and diligent training look no further, our program is taught by world class accredited instructors.
4. It is not all about athleticism it is about Self-Control and Respect
Respect for you instructors and classmates and even opponents in tournaments is unlike anything you will ever see on the playing field. We strive to teach our kids and teens that technique and mental toughness should be pursued above all physical attributes.
5.Athletic Development
Jiu Jitsu classes are known to have the best atributes of athletes from all different sports… the endurance of a marathon runner, flexibility and strength of a gymnast, reflexes of a racer driver, timing of a MLB hitter and the list goes on. There is no better activity for Athletic Development period…it is no wonder why athletes like 11x Surfing World Champion Kelly Slater is quoted saying ‘Put your kids in Jiu Jitsu before anything else.”
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